6 great way to soothe the baby

6 great way to soothe the baby
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Baby is always crying when she feel uncomfortable with the surrounding of have problem with dirty diaper or she just wake up and does not see you. In these situations, you should to soothe she and now we will introduce 6 ways which are the most effective to soothe your baby.

1/ Soap bubbles

Every single baby loves shiny colorful soap bubble which could fly in midair. If the baby wake up and does not see you, ask someone who is at home blows soap bubbles and sure that she will not resist the enchanting allure of bubbles. But you must note to keep her eyes and mouth away from the soap bubble because the chemicals in soap will harm your baby if it touches these body parts.



Babies can’t take their eyes off the colorful soap bubble
Babies can’t take their eyes off the colorful soap bubble

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2/ Ice box

Babies love new experiences with the senses. You just provide her a box with full of ice, a spoon to scoop and stir, she can play with it all day and forget all of demands earlier. But you have to be always ready to prevent her putting ice into her mouth and remember to preset 1 towel to avoid her hands being too cold.

3/ Play with water

Just a bucket, pot and a toy cup to let your baby scoop, splash and shake it is enough for her to play whole an hour. You can buy some water toys such as a small beach ball… to comfort your baby with the game creation. You can also let her participate in outdoor water activities such as swimming, soaking… Nowadays, there are many outdoor water baby toys which you can choose such as mini swimming pools, water guns…

4/ Music

Music has magical effects for babies, it can help baby relax, calm and stimulate their brain development. When your baby starts crying, let her listen to music will improve her stress and she will be attracted by the pleasant interesting melodies.

Music will improve baby’s stress
Music will improve baby’s stress

5/ Explore nature

Let your baby step on the wet lawn, walk around a lake or watch the beautiful flowers also make her to be extremely interesting and relaxing. If she is upset, sulkily, expose to nature will help her calm down very quickly. Explore nature also is essential for her brain and senses development.

6/ Draw

Do not forget to buy some sets of crayons, wax painting, drawing papers for your baby’s best creative. When your baby starts to nag, you should sit down and draw something, try to attract her into this innovative game. There isn’t any baby who doesn’t like an activity which is related to vibrant colors like draw.

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