6 things that you should never do for your baby

6 things that you should never do for your baby
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As a gift from God, babies bring joy and happiness to your little house. And of course, parents will want to give their babies all the best things in the world which they can do. But if you want your baby develops healthy and safety, you should never do 6 things following for your baby.

1/ Never let anybody kiss your newborn

It sounds a bit strange but it’s true. In the first weeks of life, bacteria can cause some serious problems for your baby if her exposure to them. Kisses (and even the hands are not washed clean) can bring unwanted diseases because newborn’s immune system is not enough to protect her body. As parents, you should have to suggest people not to kiss your baby, wash their hands before holding and return to visit next time if they are sick. Never take your baby to crowded places where are high in risk of transmission. Your baby will be ready for the adventure soon but you have to patience in the first time.

6 things that you should never do for your baby
6 things that you should never do for your baby

Kisses (and even the hands are not washed clean) can bring unwanted diseases to newborns

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2/ Do not change the habit of living at home

Your baby may need a lot of attention, but it is not necessary to change anything in living habits of everyone in family. Do not think you need to close the window, pulled the curtain back during the day to help your baby sleep better. You also do not need to tell people to keep quiet, stop the conversation had taken, or turn off the TV because she needs a nap. In the evenings, you try to keep your activities in regular. Go to bed in time and turn down the lights as your habit to get your baby accustomed to living time of all family. Do not worry if your other kids make noise, baby as soon as accustomed to the noise, the faster they fall asleep.

3/ Do not diaper in a long time

This seems not new, but you must be always to remember. Although still be small, but newborns excrete and piss more than a 6 months old baby. So you should change the diaper regularly (and also need to feed your baby regularly). You have to usually check the diaper to ensure that the baby is always feels comfortable and dry. This also helps prevent diaper rash is common in babies.

4/ Do not give your baby a pacifier

Babies are born with a strong instinct to suck and breast milk is the best food for them. Sucking a pacifier too soon may confuse babies about eating schedule. Baby is accustomed to body temperature, heartbeat and smell of her mother’s flesh when breastfeeding and this is a pleasant experience for the newborn baby. Of course, some of mothers are not able to breastfeed their baby, you should to feel guilty if this situation happens to you. Go to see your doctor for advice on how to give your baby a clean bottle.

5/ Do not wear too thick clothes

Infants looked like always vulnerable to be cold, but you should not too nervous about this issue. It is true that the tiny baby does not get much warmth by running continually as older children, but too thick clothes can cause fever and dehydration. Instead of wearing thick clothes, babies should be worn many layers of clothing that can easily drop or add to keep the temperature that suitable for babies.

6/ Do not skip any appointment with the doctor

Regardless of rain or shine, morning or evening, make sure you always have time to take your baby to the doctor when there are problems. Set the appointment calendar to reminder for examination on the baby’s health. As parents, you may worry about an absolutely normal thing which happens to the babies, and only an expert can say for sure about everything. Doctors will give you the advice and appropriate treatment if infants have problem with health, or if not, you’ll get peace of mind.

In additional of thing which you should do for your baby, you must remember 6 things that you should never do for your baby to protect her from health problems and let her get a healthy body to ready for the new adventure.

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