6 activities which parents should teach their babies who is from 1 to 3 years old to train her independence

6 activities which parents should teach their babies who is from 1 to 3 years old to train her independence
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Taking care of baby is very hard but teaching baby is harder. Parents should teach their babies some simple activities in the beginning to improve their independence since early stages of life. As soon as training baby’s bravery is as easy as parents take care of baby. It will be very hard in the beginning but you need to be patient in training her to do some simple things. You just gentle guide her, she will surprise you.

1/ Wash hands by herself

To make your baby hand washing habit, you need to explain why she has to do this.

For example, after she play sand, go to the toilet, use hand to hold food…bacteria will stick in hand, if not clear them, they will get into mouth, stomach and cause stomachache, rickets…and you should tell her that hand washing is the way to avoid the spread of bacteria to everyone in family.

Parents should prepare a small chair (for baby reach the sink), cute soap and towel in position where is easy to take.

2/ Use spoon to eat by herself

According to the research, baby is about 17 months old can hold a spoon correctly, scoop food up and put it in her mouth although she is still scattered and clumsy. You should choose for her some safety things such as plastic bowls, plastic spoon with funny pictures…and the appropriate food such as porridge, soup, crushed rice, soft small pieces of meat…to encourage her to be more independence.

3/ Brush teeth

Baby who is 2 years old should start to brush her teeth by herself. In this time, baby can observe the way you brush your teeth and remember all of these steps. If she is not mature, you should not worry about that because the most important is helping her to train hygiene consciousness and make her feel excited.


Baby can brush her teeth by herself when she is about 2 years old
Baby can brush her teeth by herself when she is about 2 years old

4/ Daily dressing

Baby who is from 13 to 20 months old can take off her dress by herself and about 24 months old ready to learn about dressing. Parents should guild her from simple clothes such as pullovers, shocks, skirt, lazy shoes…

5/ Do some chores

Helping others is the preference of the baby when her begins to understand simple instructions (Almost is about 18 months old), parents should encourage her. Folding washed clothes, watering plants…are the most favorite and simple chores for 3 years old baby. She can fold her clothes and help you to sort your clothes. If your house has a garden, you can let her water the plants every morning.


Parents should encourage baby to do some chores
Parents should encourage baby to do some chores


6/ Wear coats

Wearing coats is a challenge for your baby even when she goes to kindergarten. You should guild her by putting her coat on the floor or on the bed in the direction of overturned. She can wear easily and quickly by herself without helping of adults.

Parents should let your baby know that you are so proud of the works that she has done even the smallest.

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