7 useful advices for mothers of anorexic baby


Baby is the member who gets the most interested in the family. Any problem that occurs with baby makes family must closely monitor and find some ways to solve and anorexia is one of that problems. Many parents don’t know how to solve that so we will give you some following advises.

7 useful advices for mothers of anorexic baby
7 useful advices for mothers of anorexic baby

  1. Parents don’t get too worried

The anorexic babies always make their parents feel worry. However, if the babies still are healthy and grow normally, you should not be too worried because they simply “paused” to move to the next stage of development.

  1. Split the daily meal

Never let your baby eat junk food such as candy, cheese, biscuit…before meals and splitting meals into sections meals will stimulate her appetite. Instead of a full dish of food, you should feed her little by little and add the equivalent amount of food into her dish after she eats all of food in this.

  1. Never force-feeding

Parents absolute never force feeding in any situation. Let the babies decided which type of food to eat ( of course they must provide enough nutrients ). Imagine that a picture depict a mother yelling and try to put food in baby’s mouth, that also became the terror of the baby.

  1. Pamper your baby as much as possible

A “party” on the table with a variety of vegetables and various eye-catching type of food for your baby is an excellent idea. Sometime, you should prioritize type of food that she likes to make her feels the special care of you. Praise her, encouragement, don’t show the impatience, drowsiness or upset are everything that she need. Sometime you can eat meal with her in the same bowl, use same spoon as a gift for her.

  1. A little ingenuity

Do not impose too many rules with your baby and shouldn’t punish her when she refuses to eat. She will feel more delicious while eating if she feels the joy. A little ingenuity in each meal or a little ingenuity in the way to feed will help mother and baby are happy.

  1. Apply a stereotyped way

When the baby feels anorexic, the mothers usually apply all ways that other people tell them. But you just forget that the babies are not the same. So you should find out the right method to apply, shouldn’t apply any stereotyped way.

  1. Additional the best nutrition product for you baby

Smart mothers always know how to choose the best food for their baby to remove the state of anorexia in baby and functional foods is a good way to support the digestive system of baby then help her to eat better.