Graco Playard Nimble Nook Small Pack N Play Review

Graco Playard Nimble Nook Small Pack N Play Review
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Graco Playard Nimble Nook  Pack N Play Review

If you are looking for a durable and inexpensive small pack n play, this review will help make your choice easy.
Of course when considering shopping for a baby crib, only one company comes to mind: Graco. Graco is a pioneer in making portable playards for babies, more popularly known as Pack N Play.
The Nimble Nook is another popular product by the company. We will be discussing it in this review.

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Graco Playard Nimble Nook Small Pack N Play Review
Graco Playard Nimble Nook Small Pack N Play Review

What is it all about?

The Nimble Nook is a small pack n play. It was presented by Graco recently, and comes in two colors– to be specific, Pierce and Sapphire.
If you have had a difficult experience with regards to other cribs, the Nimble Nook will make you forget it all. The equipment is anything but difficult to move around, from room to room or house to house. It is a convenient equipment to keep your child in while you are occupied with your errands. Besides, it accompanies special components like a toy bar and 2-speed vibration ability.

We are going to discuss in detail about the product below.

The Product Description

Being a relatively cheap pack n play, you might not expect it to be loaded with features as mentioned below. So prepare for the surprise.

The Nimble Nook pack n play is great to keep your kid in, whenever he is home. It has the sturdy framework, which ensures that your baby is safe within the playard.
Since it is a small pack and play it has a light weight.
Moreover, the bassinet is uniquely designed, which when combined with the light weight, makes it very easy to carry the Nimble Nook around.
The mattress is cozy. It is supported with a dual-speed vibration system to always keep your baby in a comfortable spot.
The wheels on the equipment allow greater portability and convenience.
You will also find a toy bar, with soft toys already attached to it. These will help keep your baby entertained for long hours.
The ventilation framework on the Nimble Nook makes sure that your kid is always in the fresh and healthy air.

Recommended User

It is imperative to follow the safety instructions before using the Nimble Nook. It is recommended by the company that the baby must be below 15 lbs. and unable to move on its own, to be able to use the bassinet. The baby must also not be taller than 35 inches, to use the playard.

The Product Features

  • Playard is more extensive at the base, giving your developing little child a more roomy play space.
  • Components collapsing feet and wheels are designed for a slim and sleek fold.
  • Signature Graco push-catch fold makes collapsing your playard speedy and brothers free.
  • Convenient carry pack for easy travel.
  • Ventilated cross section on all sides keeping the area fresh.


  • Item Weight Is 19.8 pounds.
  • Product Dimensions Are 27 x 38.8 x 27 inches.
  • Product Is Made In China.

The Pros:

  • This Is A Great Small Pack and Play And The Bassinet Add-On Makes It Use-Able From Birth.
  • This Product Can Be Used Of Babies Of Different Ages.
  • It’s Heavy Enough To Not Tip Over Easily.
  • The Compact Size Is Great For Small Sized Door Ways.
  • The Modern Colors Look And Feel Great.
  • The Price Is Pretty Sweet For The Features.

The Cons:

  • Placing The Mattress In The Bassinet Is Tough.

Part Warranties:

Graco warrants this product to be of high quality. If any defects are found in the midst of the ensure 1 year period, Graco can repair or supplant your purchase at no expense to you.

What Customers Are Saying:

Customers have shown a tremendous appreciation for the product, rating it an overwhelming 4.9 out of 5 stars on the Amazon web page.

The Conclusion:

All in all, this is one small top cheap pack n play which is seriously recommended considering its value for the price and the assured stamp of Graco alongside.

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