How to use pack and play

How to use pack and play
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Nowadays, according to the development of society, there are many new products were launched to meet the increasingly diverse needs of society. ” Pack and play ” is a typical recent product which is launched. The advent of the ” pack and play” was of great help for families with young children. However, as is new so there are many issues about pack and play haven’t been popular. A lot of parents don’t know how to use it, buy it but don’t know how to setup or use it in a time but don’t know how to clean…We are pleased to share with you all what we know about “pack and play”

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1. Is pack and play necessary ? How to use pack and play

This is still a controversial issue in many forums. Now we will introduce the advantage and disadvantage of purchasing a pack and play:

  • Advantage: Every single type of pack and play has different effects in different situations. Some of them will keep your baby comfy when you go travel, some keep your baby in safe side when you do housework or some can be your baby’s small playground…Their common point is very convenient, keep the baby in comfort and safety, easy to handle, have affordable price. In addition, “pack and play can be used in several stages and different purposes such as you can use a pack and play as an infant bassinet and turn it into a toddler yard after…
How to use pack and play
How to use pack and play
  • Disadvantage: Pack and play just useful for infant and young children so when your baby grows up, it becomes redundant. However, you can compact it and preserve for your next baby or give it to your niece and nephew, it doesn’t take much space in your house.

2. How to set up a pack and play

You have to keep in mind some rules following before setting up a pack and play:

  • Keep your fingers clear of top corners throughout setting up.
  • Always follow the instructions in the user manual to ensure that pack and play is set up exactly.
  • Never utilize any product in case with missing fasteners, loose joint, broken parts or even torn mesh
  • Check all parts of products before assembling and using. Contact to the concerning authority for replacement parts or essential instructions when needed. Mustn’t use substitute parts.

Because the pack and play is fully set up before shipped so you just do exactly 4 following steps to complete setting up:

  • Step1: Looking for the zipper
  • Step2: Zipping up all sides
  • Step3: Connecting all bars
  • Step4: Installing the mattress
How to setup a pack and play - Four steps to set up a pack and play
How to setup a pack and play – Four steps to set up a pack and play

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3. How to clean a pack and play

There are many way to clean your pack and play such as washing with washing powder, use vacuum cleaner, wiping it with rags…each way is used for different types of stain.

  • Using vacuum cleaner: this way should be used when your pack and play just be dusty and without liquid stain such as chocolate, milk, tea…The advantage is quick and convenient.
  • Wiping it with rags: it only is used with small stains which are on hard surfaces such as plastic (the bars). Before using, you just dip the rags into warm water and a little of additive depend on the type of stain. For example: when the bar sticks gum, you can add a little gasoline in water to clean better.
  • Washing the pack and play: this way is used when there are stains on mattress, mesh or simply that pack and play is used for long time. This way make your pack and play most thorough cleaning but it is the most complex and hardest. You have to follow the procedure:
  • To clean the pack and play, you should only use household cleaning soap or even detergent plus tepid to warm water
  • To wash the carry bag, you have to use cool water without bleach. Drip dried out under gently sunlight.
  • To wash the bassinet, you have use warm water and soap. Drip dried out under gently sunlight.
  • To clean the napper, you should wash it with warm water or even use moist cloth to gently wipe it.
How to clean a pack and play - Washing your pack and play step by step
How to clean a pack and play – Washing your pack and play step by step

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4. Preserving the pack and play when it isn’t in use

Because of pack and play’s tenacity and compact, you just fold it and place it in warehouse for next time use. That so easily to preserving the pack and play when it isn’t in use

Hopefully the above tips: “ How to use pack and play “ can help you solve some of the problem that you have about the pack and play.