Teach your baby basic social skills (Part II)

Teach your baby basic social skills (Part II)
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As the previously part mentioned, some more tips will be discussed in the next section of the article.

Teach your baby basic social skills 2
Teach your baby basic social skills 2
  1. Training your baby’s patient

Waiting is the thing what the baby does not like, you should let her / him waits a bit when playing and gradually increase the time. This approach will help your baby to know the wait is useful. From there, she / he will understand the meaning of time, so be patient and know how long she / he need to wait.

  1. Teach your baby to be polite when eating

You should try to make the meal even more enjoyable and less time (maximum 30 minutes). If not, the baby will begin to boredom and vandalism. If your baby is over 3 years old, give her / him a star when she / he ate good reward is great motivation; Besides, you should keep the simple rule: “do not talk if there are full of food left in the mouth”.

  1. Avoid rampage

If your baby uses violence, quickly separated her / him from that situation but not take her out of there. It is important for the baby to see the reaction of the baby who has been hurt. Let your baby calm down in a few minutes then along to apologize to the “harmed”.

  1. Avoid greedy

Distract the baby is a great way in this situation, if your baby constantly requires things that is not his / her, you should attract the attention of your baby with some eye-catching things such as banners, decorative lights, flowers, butterflies…or sometimes you can guide her / him to do something then pretend that you does not notice her / him during this period, this method helps your baby to be more creative and know to take the time.

  1. Teach your baby about teamwork

Let your baby and siblings or friends perform a simple activity at home. That may be any activities from finding and collecting items, draw a picture or take a play together. In addition, you should encourage them to decide their role in the team to let them know how to organize themselves.

You can also split them into several teams to inspirational competitive with other teams, especially in the physical activity such as football, relay race…you should motivate your baby that he / she may become an active member and has contributed.


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