Some tips about taking care of baby when the winter has arrived (Part I)

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In the winter, people especially infants and babies are vulnerable to diseases such as colds, pneumonia, respiratory diseases…because their resistance is incomplete.

Following is some tips that you should notice to protect your baby from diseases in the winter:

  1. Keep your baby’s body always warm

In the winter, the weather is always cold so in order to protect the health of the baby, the most important thing is keeping warm her body especially her feet, chest, neck and head.

  • Infants are very sensitive to low temperature, so they are vulnerable to cold, cough and fever. In the winter, you should wear them more clothes to keep their body warm enough. You have to check carefully after wear them to avoid falling out.
In the winter, you should wear your baby more clothes to keep her body warm enough.
In the winter, you should wear your baby more clothes to keep her body warm enough.
  • If you cover the baby too closely, sweating can be soaked back into her body, causing her to be cold and lead to pneumonia. Therefore you should regularly check that your baby has been sweating or not to timely drying or changing clothes.
  • You especially should not use diapers for your baby in the winter or if you use, the diapers should be change regularly to avoid cold because of wet diaper.
  • The temperature in baby’s room should be maintained in about 25 – 28 degrees Celsius and the baby’s room also need airy, warm but avoid drafts. You can use air conditioners, electric heaters, fan heaters but absolutely do not use charcoal because CO2 can be toxic, choking for your baby.


  1. Body hygiene

In the winter, the mothers usually limit to bath the babies to avoid cold. However, this is not an effective way to protect your baby even a common mistake.

  • For newborns to 1 week of age, the daily bath is essential because in this period of time, the baby’s body still clinging substance, if not be cleaned, baby is vulnerable clog pores, cause inflammation.
  • When bathing your baby, remember to close all the doors, windows…avoid putting the sink in draughty place. If you have air conditioner, turn it on early 20 minutes to warm the room up.
  • The temperature of water to bath the baby is approximately with body’s temperature (36 – 37 degrees Celsius). For baby who is above 10 days of age, you can bath her once in 3 – 4 days in about 10 minutes for each time.

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