Some tips about taking care of baby when the winter has arrived (Part II)

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As the previously part mentioned, some more tips will be discussed in the next section of the article. You can read part 1 at here.

In the winter, you should wear your baby more clothes to keep her body warm enough.
In the winter, you should wear your baby more clothes to keep her body warm enough.
  1. Breastfeeding your baby

  • Should breastfeeding your baby in sheltered but breathable room, use a light blanket for both mother and baby when feeding.
  • In the winter, the baby should be breastfed enough to produce enough heat to warm the body. So you should pay your attention in your baby usually avoid the hungry. The baby usually takes about 20 minutes for a full breastfeeding, every feeding time last about 2 – 3 minutes.
  • If your baby only breastfeed for about 10 minutes and refuse breastfeed again, you should consider feeding your baby formula or exchange other type if your baby formula before.
  • If your baby usually sleeps when just no long after feeding, the sleep will be not deep enough or she will wake up in the middle. In this case, you should pay your attention to train your baby to sleep on time and breastfeed her more when she awakes.
  1. Keep your baby’s skin always dry

In the winter, the skin of infants becomes very dry. For your baby’s skin soft and not rash, you have to keep your baby’s skin dry and clean. Baby’s diaper has to be changed constantly. You should use talcum powder on the genitals and back of your baby to prevent rash. In addition, wet clothing can increase the risk of colds and fever.

  1. Moisturize baby’s skin

Baby’s skin need to be moisturized in the winter. Apply moisturizer after bathing the baby and don’t forget to apply the oily conditioning before bathing. Oily conditioning will soften the skin, keeping baby warm.

  1. Keep your baby inside the house.

In the winter, keeping your baby inside the house is very important. Winter is not good for the health of both mothers who have just given birth and the baby. If the mother drinks something cold, even the baby also is affected (during breastfeeding). So, to avoid these health issues and take care for baby, both of baby and mother should stay indoors as much as possible during the winter. You can also sit under direct sunlight during the day to absorb vitamin D and can also kill bacteria on the skin and clothing.

In the winter, if you are a bit neglected in taking care of the baby, the health problem will arise very fast. Hopefully our tips can help you when the winter has arrived.