Top 6 types of food which increase baby brain development

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As a building needs a solid foundation, if parents want your baby to be smart and comprehensive development, you should support to increase baby brain development right from childhood. You don’t need special equipment or tools, just focus on your baby’s daily meal.

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1/ Eggs – a simple and cheap material

Eggs have very much choline which is very important for some functions of the brain. Choline also is an essential part in the development of nerve system and brain. In additional, eggs are high in protein, vitamin and minerals that can help to improve baby’s memory.

Eggs – a simple and cheap material
Eggs – a simple and cheap material

2/ Bananas – an amazing meal but need to feed properly

Bananas are high in potassium which reduces anxiety and stress. This mineral is also essential for learning. In additional, bananas also contain vitamin B which calms the nerve system. But parents must feed baby bananas properly.  Because of high in vitamin and minerals, eat banana too much will make your baby to be excess of vitamin and mineral. This can hinder the digestive process then make baby to be flatulence and stomachache. So you should consider the dose of banana when feeding your baby.

3/ Liver – Nutritious food which should be handled carefully

The liver is one of the famous foods which are high in iron. In addition, the liver is high in vitamin B too. However, liver also contain a lot of toxic because all hazardous substances in the body are handled by liver. Parents must buy livers of healthy animals, not disease, especially never buy the liver which is hematoma or has unusual colors.

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4/ Avocado – a panacea to increase baby brain development

Avocadoes are high in lipids which help to maintain good blood flow in baby’s body. As good as blood circulation, brain will be healthy. In additional, huge amounts of vitamin E in avocadoes help to protect the fatty tissue of the brain, parents should feed your baby avocadoes in the weekly to have a healthy brain and be intelligence.

Avocado – a panacea to increase baby brain development
Avocado – a panacea to increase baby brain development

5/ Orange juice – simple desert but big effect

Orange juice provides vitamin C and folic acid for baby. Orange has a low glycemic index, which acts to adjust the level of blood sugar and contributed to the quickly blood circulation to the brain.

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6/ Nuts – abundance snack with huge effect

Nuts such as almonds and walnuts contain vitamin E, vitamin B6, phosphorus, iron and oxidation. Nuts also contain Omega-3 and Omega-6 helps to promote mental activity, mood and thoughts of children. Of course, nuts are just used as snacks for baby who is 3 years old and older.


Nuts - abundance snack with huge effect
Nuts – abundance snack with huge effect


Increase baby brain development is first step for baby to train the reflexes, expressive language and also help her to expand up her perception at this age. Just 6 types of food can help you to complete this process then your baby will be smarter, more dynamic, healthy with a growing brain.